*200# for Lingmo Travel SIM customer service

*222# for making free test call

*133# for your Lingmo Travel SIM phone number 

*187# for your account balance 

*521# to add more credit to your account 

*121# to access voicemail 

*122# to turn voicemail on 

*123# to turn voicemail off 

*125# to check voicemail settings 

*172# to retrieve data settings

People calling you on your Travel SIM will be charged for a call to the UK. It will vary on the carrier and agreements the person has with their provider. You can also log in online and activate a Lingmo Global SIM Local Number service to alleviate these costs

A Local Number will allow your friends and family to contact you by using a Local Sydney Number instead of your Travel SIM phone number. This means they will be charged at a local rate.

If you are experiencing difficulty making calls this may be one of 2 factors.

You may not be dialling correctly or you may be on an unsupported network.

Step 1. You should first check that you are dialling correctly.

To call from your Travel SIM, you need to call in the full international format. This means you need to call with a + then country code then the number.

If you find that you are dialling correctly but still cannot make a call, try replacing the + with a * and adding a # at the end.

If you are calling an Australian Mobile 0491 570 110, you will be dialling on your Travel SIM, +61491 570 110 or *61 491 570 110#

Step 2. Try manually selecting a different carrier:

You can find our supported networks on our website and enter the country you are in and the country you are calling to.

On an iPhone:

Step 1. Go to Settings on your iPhone

Step 2. Scroll down to find Carrier/mobile

Step 3. Switch 'Automatic' OFF

Step 4. After searching please select a supported network

On an Android:

Step 1. Go to Settings on your device 

Step 2. Find Wireless and Networks 

Step 3. Then click on Mobile Networks or Network Operators

Step 4. Your device will now search for networks around you

Step 5. Select one of our supported networks 


Using all other mobiles:

Step 1. On the main Menu of your device, find Settings

Step 2.  Look for the option Mobile Network or Connectivity

Step 3.  Scroll down until you can find the option called Operators or Network Selection

Step 4. Select Manual search 
Step 5. Once the search is complete, simply select one of our supported networks on the list to be connected

You must always dial the full international number, no matter where you are calling from or where you are calling to:
When calling someone in the same country as you, always dial as though you are calling from outside the country.

How to call Landline (fixed) numbers
+ (plus sign)
Country code
Area code (removing the first zero)
Local phone number
Example:  To call this Australian landline number from your Travel SIM:  02 9003 9503 you would dial:  +61 2 9003 9503

Note: If you find that you are dialling correctly but still cannot make a call, try replacing the + with a * and adding a # at the end.
Example:  *61 2 9003 9503#

How to call Mobile numbers
+ (plus sign)
Country code
Mobile phone number (removing the first zero)
Example:  To call this Australian mobile number from your Travel SIM:  0491570110 you would dial:  +61 491 570 110

Note: If you find that you are dialling correctly but still cannot make a call, try replacing the + with a * and adding a # at the end.
Example:  *61 491 570110#
The Golden Rule:  Always dial the full international number no matter what country you are calling from, or what country you are calling to.

Step 1 Dial the number you wish to call in full international format.
Calling an Australian Mobile 0491 570 110
Add + , Country code and drop the zero
Dial on your travel SIM +61491 570 110
Step 2  Press the call button
Step 3  In a few seconds your phone will ring
Step 4  Answer this call
Step 5  You will hear “We are connecting your call.” Please wait until your call is connected.

Hint: When dialling both locally and international remember to dial the full international format for all numbers.

Alternate dialling method if above fails
If you find that you are dialling correctly but still cannot make a call, please try replacing the + with a * and adding a # at the end.

For example, to call the Australian number 0491 570 110 you would then dial *61 491 570 110# 

If that also fails, you can try to manually select an alternate carrier in your settings menu. 
To call the Lingmo Travel SIM from a mobile:

Enter ‘+’ (plus sign)then enter the travel SIM number starting with 44

Example: From any mobile phone dial: + 44 ### ## ###
Note:  The + sign is recognised by all networks in the world as the universal exit code for mobiles instead of dialling a exit code.

To call the Global SIM directly from a landline: 
Enter International Exit Code, for Australia this is 0011 then the Travel Sim number
Example: To call a Travel SIM from an Australian landline dial: 0011 44 ### ## ###

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Quick tips

 Data Roaming

Can't set up mobile data?

Insert the Lingmo Travel SIM into your phone and dial *172# You will receive an SMS - click on the link in the message to install the data profile.

Alternatively, go to your device’s Settings and create an Access Point Name with globaldata entered into the Name and APN fields.

Download our SIM Quick Start Guide for more information.


Can't make phone calls?

Use the full international number format starting with + Example: To call or SMS the Australian number 0401 555 555, dial +61 401 555 555

If you still experience issues, try the format *61 401 555 555#

Your phone will hang up and then call you back. Answer the call back and you will be connected.

 Network Connection

Can't connect to a network?

Your SIM will auto connect to a supported network. If you experience issues, go into your device’s Settings and manually select a network to connect.

On Apple devices, please go to Settings > Service Provider. You must switch Automatic off to manually select a network.

Settings on Android devices vary, however it is often located under Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Operators

You must enable Data Roaming in your device's Settings to use data overseas

Make a test call on your Lingmo Travel SIM by dialing *222# before you depart

Visit our Rates page to check supported networks at your travel destinations